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Welcome to Dr. Favia’s Diagnosis Education Clinic

The purpose of this clinic is to demystify your medical test results and empower you with the knowledge you need to take control of your health.

Do you have questions about your lab tests? Have you had blood work ordered and aren’t sure why? Have you received results back and are concerned about a number outside of the normal limits? Meet one on one with Dr. Favia to have your reports explained and questions answered.

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Why Do I Need This?

Getting a diagnosis can be scary. Dr. Favia is here to help make the process easier. After getting results, you may have a lot of questions. How was the diagnosis made? How did your doctor determine your prognosis? Do you have a stack of lab results with no explanation? Dr. Favia will explain each step from how a diagnosis is determined to showing you pictures of the disease.



Favia Dubyk, M.S. M.D.
Favia Dubyk, M.S. M.D.Hematopathologist and Clinical Nutritionist
Dr. Favia is an anatomic and clinical pathologist who specializes in hematopathology. She also has a masters degree in nutrition. Dr. Favia is a cancer survivor and understands what it is like to feel overwhelmed with questions after receiving a life-altering diagnosis.
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