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Favia Dubyk, MS, MD
Favia Dubyk, MS, MDHematopathologist and Clinical Nutritionist
Dr. Favia earned a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and Public Policy at Harvard University and went on to earn a master’s degree in nutrition from Columbia University. She graduated from medical school at Case Western Reserve University and completed a residency program in Anatomic and Clinical Pathology at the University of New Mexico. She went on to further specialize in hematopathology, the study of blood and lymph node diseases. A cancer survivor herself, she naturally drawn to hematopathology after battling advanced stage lymphoma while attending medical school. Now in remission, Dr. Favia wants to help others have the smoothest medical journey as possible​. In her spare time, she is a professional rock climber and has competed on American Ninja Warrior twice.

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“I was sent results about my brain tumor without any explanation. I was feeling so hopeless and scared until Dr. Favia looked over my results. She helped me understand my diagnosis with compassion and answered my many frantic questions patiently and thoroughly. She helped empower me during a very vulnerable time, and for that I am forever grateful. I still go to her with my blood work and seek her guidance as I undergo treatment. I can’t imagine doing this without her help.”


“Dr. Favia is an approachable, accessible and astute pathologist!”

“My breast biopsy was diagnosed with a probable ductal carcinoma in-situ with lobular involvement.  A second opinion on the biopsied tissue indicated a variant (pleomorphic) lobular carcinoma in situ.  The surgeon explained my diagnosis, surgery and possible post-surgical intervention in an office visit, but I understood very little as thoughts of fear and angst swirled in my head.  I remembered certain words like “cancer”, “radiation”, “mastectomy…. but not much else.  Luckily, I knew about Dr. Favia.  She responded quickly and clearly explained the findings on each report.  During my next visit with the surgeon and oncologist, I asked better and more specific questions.  I am confident that I made the “best” surgical and treatment decisions for my situation due to a better understanding of the pathology findings.”

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